5 Surprising Health Benefits of Good Posture


Growing up my grandfather often told me to “stand up straight”, but as an adult, I’ve never really received that directive.   Maybe I should have listened to him more often because posture is an overlooked part of wellness.  I’d like to share with you 5 surprising health benefits of good posture.


Being able to maintain good posture can bring a wealth of benefits, from a lower incidence of back pain to better sleep.  These are just a handful of advantages you may find from taking the time to stand and sit better.

Fewer Headaches

Have you been looking down at your phone too much?   Poor posture places an increased strain on the muscles, ligaments, discs, and joints in your neck.   This neck strain from holding your head forward for a large chunk of the day contributes to chronic headaches.  Worse, the inflammation that irritates the nerves in your neck and head may contribute to eye strain and dizziness.

Increased Joint Health

Poor posture can put a strain on your joints that can eventually become chronic.  For example, slumping your shoulders forward and keeping your hips tilted back can strain the lower spine when you walk.  When you work on better alignment, it takes the pressure off your joints and can help you become more stabilized in your movement.

Decreased Muscle Strain

Your joints are not the only parts of your body that suffer from poor posture.  Your muscles do, too.  According to Good Shepherd Rehabilitation, the goal of good posture is to be using several different muscles while your body is moving.  This is good for your muscles and increases flexibility, rather than a poor posture that causes you to rely on the same muscles that soon become overworked and irritated.


Better Digestion

Yes, it’s true.  If your usual sitting and standing postures include crunching forward to some degree (guilty!), then it can impact your digestion.   According to Harvard Health, this is because when your shoulders slump forward and your back rounds it creates more compression in your midsection that makes it challenging for your digestive system to function properly.  In some cases, the results could lead to constipation and heartburn.

Better Energy

When your joints and muscles operate effectively, and you’re not compressing your organs, you tend to be able to breathe better and have better circulation.  This leads to more oxygen getting into your system, and more relaxation overall.  The result?  Less fatigue and more energy throughout the day.

I hope this post was helpful to you.  For more information on better posture, I encourage you to read this post.  In general, it takes time to reset your posture and a good deal of awareness.  But with so many benefits, it’s worth making the effort.

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