Four Tips for Workout Motivation

Left side is a shot of legs running on a treadmill and right side is a yellow block with black text that reads Four Tips for Workout Motivation


Let’s face it – getting started with a workout routine is difficult. And once you get started, it seems there’s always something more important that needs your attention.  Wherever you’re at right now with your fitness objectives, I’d like to share four tips for workout motivation to keep you moving toward your goals.

Left side is a shot of legs running on a treadmill and right side is a yellow block with black text that reads Four Tips for Workout Motivation

I often find myself in an exercise rut – and I know chances are you probably have, too.  Even when you know that exercise will improve your mood, help you maintain a healthy body weight, and lower your risk of health problems, it’s difficult to turn good intentions into actions.

However, I’ve put these workout motivation tips into practice within my own life.  While I can say it’s never easy – I’m finding the proper motivation to succeed.

Tip #1: Change Your Perspective

First things first.   You’ve heard the saying, ‘Working out is 95% mental’.  It’s true!

To begin your workout motivation, start by eliminating the negative self-talk.   Chances are, you’re harder on yourself than anyone else in your life.

When switching to positive mode, recognize your obstacles and come up with strategies on how to overcome.   This starts by identifying and letting go of bad habits (sleeping in, procrastinating, etc.) and finding meaning in why you desire to work out in the first place.

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Tip #2:  Reach Out to Others for Support

Sometimes we’re stronger together.  If you want to reach a goal, try sharing it.

While asking for help can be tough, sometimes we just need buy-in and encouragement from other people.  Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to keep working out even when you’re feeling unmotivated.  Working out with a friend or like-minded people has the benefit of making exercise infinitely more fun.

Tip #3: Make a Commitment

Are you a morning person?  Or do you prefer a late-night workout?  Either way, it’s important to plan a normal workout routine that fits around your busy schedule.

In addition, the benefits of writing your goals down and making yourself stay accountable is highly important.  According to the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, dieters who kept a food diary lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records.  If you’re struggling with a commitment to working out, try keeping a diary or daily activity log of ways to keep yourself physically active.

However, one word of caution that I’ve had to struggle with along the way:  Beware of taking an all-or-nothing approach to working out.  Stephanie Mansour, personal trainer and CEO of Step It Up with Steph, cautions to take each day as a series of choices.  When we take the mentality of “I’m all in or I’m all-out”, then we can only set ourselves up to feel like we’re failing.

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Tip #4:  Celebrate the Small Successes

Sometimes celebrating small successes will help you reach big goals.  You may choose to reward yourself by spending quality time on an enjoyable activity or sharing your success with friends.  Remember: It’s baby steps and nothing is ever achieved overnight.

And Tip #4.5 – Don’t fall into ‘workout burnout’.  There is such a thing as pushing yourself too much.  Take a day of rest if you’re feeling stiff and in a bad mood all the time.  If your workout routine is taking away from your quality of life, then is it really working for you?  Try balancing yourself holistically by taking a break and (if needed) utilizing these tips for handling stress.

I hope these tips help to motivate you as they did for me.  In addition, I’d love to hear what motivates you.  Please share your tips to They may be shared on social media with credit to you.  Thanks for reading and please share if you found this encouraging.

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