Five Vegan Recipes for Meatless Mondays

A basket holds assorted vegetables with the title, "Five Vegan Recipes for Meatless Mondays"

Have you ever heard of Meatless Mondays? It’s a term I haven’t seen used much in recent years, but it used to be all the rage in the blog community! And even more, it’s an idea I’ve adapted into our family meal planning. Today I wanted to share five of my favorite vegan recipes you can use on Meatless Mondays or any other day of the week!

A basket holds assorted vegetables with the title, "Five Vegan Recipes for Meatless Mondays"

Why Vegan?

Veganism, or a plant-based diet, has numerous health benefits. Science is showing that diets free of meat and dairy may lower your blood sugar and actually reduce your risk of developing Type II Diabetes. It can also lower your blood pressure and protect against certain types of cancer. (source)

Benefits of Meatless Mondays

If you can’t commit to removing all meat and dairy from your diet, you can still benefit from reducing your intake. That’s where Meatless Mondays come in! Commit to skipping animal proteins at least one day a week and focusing instead on vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. The “flexitarian” and Mediterranean diets are examples of ways of eating that put these fresh foods at the forefront and dial back on the foods higher in saturated fat. (source)

Five Vegan Recipes

If you’re ready to give this a go, here are five of my favorite delicious vegan recipes to try!

  1. Slow Cooker Hot and Sour Soup. I have made this a billion or so times, and it hits the spot without fail. Perfect for this November chill in the air!
  2. Chana Masala. Smitten Kitchen can do no wrong, and this recipe is a great example. It is the ultimate vegan comfort food!
  3. Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff. Yep, you read that right! This dish is rich and filling.
  4. Vegan Red Beans and Rice. I could eat this every week and never get tired of it. I love a bowl of super garlicky sauteed kale on the side.
  5. Chickpea Salad Sandwiches. Ok, this might sound a little *out there*, but if you like tuna, you may be surprised by how tasty this vegan version is! This recipe has become my go-to over canned tuna.

Check out these and even more vegan recipes on my Pinterest board!


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