Healthy Halloween Treats Kids Love

With Halloween *just* around the corner, I am already planning to swap out some of my children’s candy with a few healthy Halloween treats. Does anyone else do this, too? I promise it’s not as mean as it sounds as long as the swaps are fun and tasty!

Healthy Halloween Treats Kids Actually Want!

So as much as my older son *loves* candy, even he will get burnt out on it eventually. He gladly swaps a good portion of his trick-or-treat haul for a few more healthful treats. Here are a few fun ideas, some I’ve tried and some I’ve just pinned to give a whirl soon. I would love to hear if you have any favorites as well!

    1. Orange Jack-O’-Lantern Fruit Bowls. HOW CUTE ARE THESE? Seriously, and pretty simple to make. I am planning to tuck one away into his lunch box this week!


    1. Halloween Roasted Veggies. These are too adorable, and while they take a little time to prepare, the end result is totally worth it! Imagine getting even your pickiest eater to try some new root vegetables. I love the idea of parsnip ghosts, sweet potato pumpkins, and beet bats.


    1. Ghost Strawberries. These do include added sugar from the white chocolate, but they totally hit the sweet spot without overwhelming. Plus, what kid doesn’t love strawberries? Or mom, for that matter. 😉


    1. Mini Pumpkin Quesadillas. These just take a couple of extra minutes to prepare and would also pack perfectly in a lunch box. Or wouldn’t they be a fun dinner on Halloween?


    1. Spiders on a Log. I really love this version of ants on a log because — admittedly — I’m not wild about raisins. Use almond butter or natural peanut butter for a really delicious and healthful treat!


What To Do With the Extra Candy

Well . . . to be honest, I eat some of it. No shame! But I also gladly distribute some into candy bowls at work. You may also have a local charity that would love to have it. Or you can transform it into things that aren’t necessarily *health-promoting* but at cut through the sugar load with some savory. My favorite is this Harvest Hash Trail Mix.

I hope you enjoy these ideas! Let me know if you try any or have others you’d like to share. For more fun ideas, check out my Pinterest board!


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